connectivity specialists, legacy solutions, networks, security, firewalls

Lucidata Data Communications Consultants

connectivity specialists, legacy solutions, networks, security, firewalls

connectivity specialists, legacy solutions, networks, security, firewalls firewall.htm protocol.htm gateway.htm custom.htm

Lucidata is a consultancy specialising in providing products and services to all business sectors worldwide. Our expertise in providing interconnectivity within legacy systems is demonstrated with our broad range of off-the-shelf products and in-house expertise ranging from thermionic valve to state of the art microcontroller technology. Our custom research, development and test facilities near Cambridge UK allow us to undertake rapid custom prototype development for clients. We pride ourselves on being able to produce complete functioning prototypes, metalwork, electronics and software in the minimum of time. High speed does not mean low quality as all our development processes are managed under the control of our ISO9001/2000 compliant Quality Management System.

If you have a seemingly impossible connectivity problem or simply do not have the resources available to undertake a needed hardware or software development just contact us.

connectivity, protocol converters, legacy solutions, networks, security, firewalls

Lucidata's involvement with IT Security over many years has enabled it to design custom hardware solutions for its clients. This particular expertise has been embodied in the design of our Lucigate Firewall. Lucidata is also well placed to provide independent Security Reviews, Risk Analysis and Audits for companies that want to be sure that their security status is as good, or as bad, as they think it is. If you are unsure about your security system or about advice you have been given please contact us for a truly independent and informed view on how to manage your risks.

If you don't see exactly what you need on our pages, please email us. We have designed all our products to be easily modified to solve a wide variety of interface and connectivity problems..

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